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 イスラエルとヒズボラの間の戦争が勃発して以来、米国のブッシュ大統領が繰り返し使っているキャッチフレーズがある。”root cause”(根本原因)という言葉である。中東問題の根本原因は、「テロリストのヒズボラ」とそれを支援するシリアとイランにあるという意味で使っている。これもまた、新たなBushese(ブッシュ語)なのか。(鳥居英晴) 
 “Well the interesting thing about this recent flare up is that it helps clarify a root cause of instability in the Middle East and that is Hizbollah and Hizbollah's relationship with Syria and Hizbollah's relationship to Iran and Syria's relationship to Iran. And therefore in order to solve this problem it is really important for the world to address the root cause.” 
 この会見ではブッシュは、root causeという言葉を7回も使った。ブッシュはこの言葉がよほど気に入ったと見えて、以後ひんぱんに使っている。2日後の18日の会見では6回使い、問題解決のためには、イランの孤立化が必要であるとした。 
 “And the root cause of that current instability is terrorism and terrorist attacks on a democratic country. And part of those terrorist attacks are inspired by nation states, like Syria and Iran. And in order to be able to deal with this crisis, the world must deal with Hezbollah, with Syria and to continue to work to isolate Iran.” 
 ナショナル・パブリック・ラジオの政治担当、Ron Elvingはブッシュのこうした見方に首を傾げる識者のひとりである。同社のサイトで8月7日、「How Deep Are the Roots?」(根はどれほど深いのか)と題して次ぎのように書いている。 
 But what does the phrase mean? Surely not everyone with a stake in the Israel-Hezbollah conflict (or the Arab-Israeli conflict, or the confrontation between Islamic and Western cultures) agrees on its root causes. If they did, there might not be a conflict at all.It turns out that, for Mr. Bush at least, the phrase has a rather simple meaning. Moreover, the roots he is referring to are not particularly deep. 
 Hezbollah as an organization was formed in 1982 in reaction to that era's Israeli occupation of Southern Lebanon. So it is difficult to think of it as the "root cause" of struggle in the Middle East. 
 But Hezbollah is not the source of the problem; it is a derivative of the cause, which is the tragic conflict over Palestine that began in 1948.The eastern shore of the Mediterranean is in turmoil from end to end, a repetition of continuing conflicts in one part or another since the abortive attempts of the United Nations to create separate Israeli and Palestinian states in 1948. 

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