About Nikkanberita

About Nikkanberita

Nikkanberita.com is an independent news publication, offering news articles, commentaries and analyses on a broad range of issues, focusing on political, economic, social, environmental and cultural matters. We are dedicated to providing news on issues which are barely covered by the mainstream media, such as human rights, poverty and labor. We report these issues from grassroots perspectives. By playing a role as a watchdog, we aim at contributing to the development of a democratic society.

Launched in June 2002 by journalists, Nikkanberita.com became Japans first online newspaper. Berita Inc., established in August 2003, is the operator of Nikkanberita.com. Although Berita is a registered for-profit company, its executives and staff are volunteers.

Berita derives from a Sanskrit word. Both berita in Indonesian and Malay and belita in the Philippine language (Tagalog) mean news. Nikkan means daily in Japanese.

Contributors to our website are journalists, researchers and activists. We also post translated articles from our partners such as openDemocracy, Japan Focus, Foreign Policy in Focus, Agence Global and NAM News Network.

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Editor-in-chief: Kazuoki Ono
For general enquiries please contact: info@nikkanberita.com

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