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「フランス大統領選挙 決戦投票」 マージョリー・マラマク  ”French presidential election " by Marjorie Marramaque

Today is sunday 7th of May , 2nd round of presidential elections in France.The last two weeks have been really heavy here, since we discovered we were supposed to choose between the neo liberalism pawn of oligarchy and capital, Macron, and the incarnation of hate and fear, lePen. As soon as the result was released, the guilt campaign began. There were a lot of questions regarding irregularities that happened during 1st round as dozens of thousands citizens couldn’t vote for odd reasons. Most of them were erased from lists without having changed home address (that is the usual reason). We never had the chance to investigate .All the media started broadcasting from sunday << republican front >> special for 10000 hours a day, on TV, print press and social networks. And the crowd bought it and run towards that direction. the fear was impregnated enough on the society to work as a charm on the ones who still believe in the system, even the left wing was involved. 
今日は5月7日の日曜日。フランスの大統領選挙の2回目の投票日だ。この2週間、とても難しい日々が続いた。というのも大富豪と資本家たちの新自由主義のための駒であるマクロンを選ぶか、憎悪と恐怖を体現するルペンを選ぶかしかないことがわかったからだ。結果が発表されるや、すぐに贖罪意識のキャンペーンが始まった。今年の第一回目の投票は本当に不自然だった。まず何万人もの人々が不思議な理由から投票できなかったのだ。多くのケースは住所を変えてもいないのに有権者リストから名前が消されてしまったのだった(よくあるケースなのだ)。なぜそうなったかは市民は全然調査できていない。またマクロン派の「Republican front」のニュースをTVや新聞・雑誌、ソーシャルネットワークに大量に垂れ流した。大衆はその流れに沿って進んだ。恐怖は社会全体を覆いつくし、左派にまで及んだ。 
But voices rose suddenly with the slogan << Neither Nor >> (#NiLePenNiMacron). Those voices were mostly the Melenchon supporters who knew that the 600 000 voters allowing Marine Le Pen to be on this second round instead of Melenchon were mostly lost because of the main medias (own at 90% by oligarchy) screamed from dawn to dust, the last 10 days, that melenchon were as dangerous as LePen, invoking ghosts from the past fear of communism and possible alliances with Cuba and Russia, pushing a lot of votants to put a Macron bill on the urn. Fear is so convenient those days. 
Anarchist and citizen involved in NuitDebout rose their voices as well. I am a part of those. We didn't fight against Labor law last year, day after day, facing police violence and accusations from medias and crowd, without help or consideration, to vote for the incarnation of it. European comission pushed their policies to France with neo liberalism and legal slavery imposed to peoples ,which is the reason why people voted LePen .It because they scared .They can’t bare this survival anymore, it is not a life of human being. Voting Macron is allowing LePen to grow more and more. 
It is important that to understand Macron was nobody a couple of years ago. Macron was given one of the best posts, minister of economy by left wing government which was elected with the promise to fight against finance .It was too big to be missed. But the first law was Macron law which deprived people of their rights. The was passed forcevely by using article 49-3 of the constitution allowing the government to pass a bill without vote of parliament , without citizens consultaion. This is a legal dictatorship. 
And it started with him. The attacks on france and Paris were so heavy that not much people fought anything. Only a few tried, and failed. then came the labor law with the massive fights you know. The << Sate of Emergency >> allowed police to use a force never seen before, even from old activists from may 68. They can do whatever they want, arrest or forbid to leave home to thousands of persons without any consult of legal representing from Law minister. You need to know that more than 60% of police forces vote for LePen. You can guess that they are delighted to fight lefties on the streets. But some decided that fear wouldn’t be a way of thinking anymore, because this fear is one of the tools that brought us here. 
Anti fascists and anarchists joined the black block, saying strongly to those forces that they wouldn’t step back and lower their head anymore, that they were ready to face them, even if outnumbered and inequality armed, even if public opinion don’t understand, even if they end up in jail or drown in tear gas (that we produce and export, by the way) and uncensored flash ball and baton hits. I suggest you to watch this video to understand the problem: https://www.facebook.com/VICE/videos/1664284886938096/ 
Those people are mostly under 35, the public don’t know that a lot of them are women, and they have been trained to activism during the CPE fights ((First hire contract in 2006) and during Labor law. But the video will explain better than I could. 
(sorry I am so long but I train the explain he better i can) 
So voices rose, and some of us decided we couldn’t be a part of what really looks like a << coup d’etat >> from the real rulers of this country. We just can’t vote for the ones we have been fighting for so long, the ones who rule billions of human beings, kids included, into sometimes legal slavery all over the world, we can’t vote for the ones who silence us, who are the main reason of ecological disaster to come and the possible extinction of life on earth in the future, the ones who robbed us of our money and possessions to build their owns, the one who are killing us all. And it is not only in France obviously because this there is the same system everywhere, even if we feel the urge to stand strong, concients of the kind of symbol France can be for other countries. If we fall, if we accept this, we know others will be discouraged to fight for right and fairness . To resume, I’d say we couldn’t ask the pyromaniac to extinguish the fire to be applauded and received as the saving lord, when he actually is the trojan horse, the wolf entering the sheep pen. 
We tried to argue , tried to open our minds wider in order to understand this terrifying truths we all discovered one way or the other, that the dices are fixed, this democracy is an illusion. So we tried to help people to think by themselves, to see the strings, the puppets shows and the way of the master . And we also tried to explain how and why we made this decision but the attacks were done all over us 24/7. From Obama to the people of religion , from football players to supposed radical left comedians, everybody was urged to push people to vote Macron. It was so heavy I just couldn’t watch TV or listen to the radio. And FB was the same but I spent 8 hours a day since to create a real debate this mascarade stole of us. What we thought was the necessity to let citizens enter into the governments (one citizen , for example, if we have two diet members) to face capitalism.. This will be healthy for everyone because we need to think about changes Europe needs to improve , etc. But no, this was not discussed by eligible candidates with almost no program. Crazy. 
So we talked a lot. We were insulted, ashamed, pushed to guilt but we stood because we think of the future . As long as fear will work, it will be used for any major decisions. In the future , thinkers all over the world will realize that those years, major attacks were done to the people’s rights for the first time since world war 2 . We agree with them. We stand because we have the feeling to betray ourselves, every inch of our instincts and beliefs and fellow human beings all over the world if we lied down to this. We are very conscient that LePen is a possible thread but most of us believe that 1/the machine would never let her rule 2/ if she actually does win, the almost entire nation and world would face her, when Macron will be received as a savior. She is dangerous, and we are the first line to be arrested and investigated if she actually access presidency and police files. The path we are taking leads to an obvisous dead end with terror qnd pain for many. There will be no exit, nothing left to be saved.  Even if it is dangerous, we need to take this chance, this possible way out. Because if we don’t do it collectivly, we can’t preserve the most precious in the living. We will give up our freedom to think, to hope, and the chance to build our lives. 
We need to stand for the future, for the memory of the millions who fought for rights and freedom. We know that time is running out. So we can’t have anything from passivity. We know the future is waiting to be built by us all; We know that reality is restrained where our minds belong to. We need to think wider, better, bigger, to create new paradigm . We need to believe that it is possible, that we deserve it, that the best is yet to come, even if we have to fight for it. Because if not, living will be worthless. Those 1% riches stole our hope and our dignity . Now we have nothing left to lose. 
They suffocated an entire generation of fighters by tear gaz. The ungovernables will rise. They are everywhere, not only here. We are now all in the same path, for better or worse. We’ll try to do our part. And we hope everyone will understand that they have to play theirs. And tomorrow we will have a chance to be brighter than yesterday. 
Marjorie Marramaque 
■「フランス大統領選挙 第一回目の投票  棄権か、メランションへの投票か?」 マージョリー・マラマク  "1er TOUR: ABSTENTION ou MELENCHON? " par Marjorie Marramaque 
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